Got Drive Charitable Trust
Driver License Education and Training

The Got Drive Community Trust operate on the east coast of New Zealand. We were formed in June 2014 to deliver needs based driver licensing programs for communities on the east coast of New Zealand. We currently have six trustees associated with the Ministry of Social Development, Napier Police, Wairoa Police, Hastings/Napier community and Central Hawkes Bay district council and community.

Got drive programs focus on communities and situations where obtaining a full driver’s license will significantly help to reduce poverty, crime and benefit dependence. We deliver learner, restricted/full and scholarship programs for government agencies and Community groups. All Got Drive programs provide all resources required.

Our points of difference to other driver licensing programs are:


We are charitable. As such we can deliver more services for funding provided and ensure participants achieve a result. All funds received are used directly for program delivery.


We only take referrals who are proven to be ‘at risk’ and do not have the resources to obtain a license through other means i.e. they do not have a vehicle, do not have access to a trained instructor, cannot afford the test fees or have other barriers. In this way we can ensure a ‘best spend’ for funders and agencies.


We only use qualified instructors (or mentors training to qualify). This ensures quality instruction, manages risk, meets legislative requirements and minimises cost by reducing training time.


We are the only organisation operating regionally (Wairoa to Central Hawkes Bay). As such we able to apply resources where they are most needed, share resources with other groups and minimise costs for the benefit of the whole region.


The Trust is a cooperative of agencies, organisations and communities directly involved with the problem of unlicensed drivers. We are able to apply the combined knowledge and skill of all members to ensure effective and efficient programs are delivered on a risk and need basis.


We are heavily involved in local and national initiatives aimed at addressing the problems caused by unlicensed drivers. Through this we are made aware of the current best practice processes and we provide a voice for rural New Zealand to ensure changes are practical and effective.



Got Driving Course was good for me personally. Feeling comfortable with my driving instructor and helping me with information about the things to look out for in my test. Highly recommended for those who don’t have alot of self confidence.


Thank you so much to the team at Got Drive Trust. Our grandson has now got his licence. So thrilled, over the moon about it. Many thanks to you all – especially the instructor who had the patience and understanding to help him. Once again, thank you!

Thank you to our Supporters: